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AIT Translation offers a complete range of languages and language services to support your international development.

Written translation

Written documents, subtitles.
We accept all documents and all formats (paper or computer files - Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, and PDF).

Product localisation

Localisation means adapting a product to the target language and culture. Localisation comprises contextual research as well as employing advanced linguistic software solutions (e.g. SDL Trados) to enhance speed and quality. We provide localisation services for websites, instruction manuals and guides, press releases, sales terms and conditions (with country/culture specific legal research as necessary).



Transcription is the name given to the process of converting an audio recording into a written document. AIT provides a full transcription service along with its translation services. If you or your company have produced a corporate video, a documentary or a training video and you want to distribute the text of the video throughout the entire organisation worldwide, then AIT can help you. If you need a film subtitled in several languages or have received filmed interviews in a foreign language and need the exact text, AIT has the solution. We work from both digital and analogue recordings.

Correction/ proofing/ editing

If you already have in-house translators but would like an independent review and proofing, our editors will review all your documents.

Sworn (or certified) translation

What is a sworn translation? What does legalisation mean? Which countries accept legalisation by apostille? And what can one do for countries that do not accept legalisation by apostille? What is the procedure? How long will it all take? AIT can explain the requirements to you and provide a service tailored to your needs. We will take care of the whole legalisation process from beginning to end.


We provide interpreters (consecutive, liaison, simultaneous or whispered interpreting) for conferences and seminars (inclusive of equipment hire), visits and meetings, and over the telephone for market surveys and conference calls.

Foreign language researcher

If you need someone to look up information on foreign websites and in the foreign press, our translators can carry out any research you require and report back to you in one or several languages. AIT translators will work at a client’s site if required.

Foreign language telephone interviewers

If you need telephone interviewers in developing countries or newly industrialised countries, AIT will provide you with local translators and interpreters who will work according to your specifications and guidelines.

Linguistic tests

If you need to recruit someone who is fluent in a language you don’t speak and you want to check their language skills, we will interview the candidate on your behalf.

One-to-one language training

If you have an employee who needs to work abroad and in another language they don’t know well, we will provide one-to-one language training. Our training methods combine instant-messaging and telephone conversation with qualified interpreters.


If you have an annual report or company brochure to translate with its complete layout and graphic chart, we offer a full translation/DTP service in any language.

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