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Who are we?


AIT TRANSLATION, although established in 2007, has a long history… Its previous incarnation was as SIT TRADUCTION, founded in 2000, which was itself the in-house translation department created in 1969 by Societe Internationale (SI), a Paris-based agency specialising in industrial property. Under new management the company has expanded its customer base and network of translators and invested in state-of-the-art translation software. Now a member of the French association of translation companies (CNET), AIT is also an active participant in the CNET and EUATC conferences.

AIT Translation team

AIT has a core of permanent team members based in France, UK and Germany and a network of 250 carefully selected linguists all working into their mother tongue and based in their mother country. The majority of our translators have been working regularly for us for over five years.

AIT TRADUCTION has kitted itself out to achieve its ambitions: experienced translators specially selected for the project, working exclusively into their mother tongue, highly effective engineering tools and a strict quality procedure combining technical precision, terminological follow-up and meticulous style.

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