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Professional indemnity insurance:

AIT Translation is insured by AXA.


We are keenly aware at AIT that translation often represents the last step in a process. With this in mind we are pleased to guarantee a reply to a request within two hours. Thanks to our international database of collaborators we are able to exploit different time zones and so fulfil our clients’ urgent delivery deadlines. We are open 365 days a year.

Prompt delivery

AIT Translation guarantees delivery within the timeframe agreed with the client.


Confidentiality is central to our profession. Everyone who works with AIT is bound by a Letter of Confidentiality and we at AIT Translation commit to keep client’s information strictly confidential.


AIT Translation is committed to applying quality assurance procedures in accordance with the professional standard EN 15038.

Proofing is at the core of our quality control. We systematically cross-check and proof every document. However large the volume, the number of translators or documents involved, our attention to detail and respect of company and sector nomenclature and guidelines means no inconsistencies or errors. Proofing is included in our translation fees.

Client terminology
The translators we select for your project will have both linguistic and technical expertise in your sector. We have a rigorous selection procedure and our proofreaders are extremely attentive to detail and sector specific terminology. Our project managers always establish points of terminology case by case with our clients.

Competitive rates

AIT’s organisational structure allows us to offer very competitive prices:

  • Our business is structured so as to keep our overheads to a minimum
  • Our customer loyalty package offers flexible discounts up to 35%
  • Our annual contract option further reduces purchase order turnaround time

Please ask for a list of our prices.


AIT offers totally secure storage of files for a period of up to three years at absolutely no charge.

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